Welcome to AbbyVille

And welcome in our lives!

AbbyVille is our project which includes our work, our dream and our school of life in the same time. We like you to be a part of it!

2016 Getting Started-5

The dream

We create a garden where you can spend your lazy and exploring days in secluded corners, under the trees and be surrounded by herbs and vegetables for you to use and have a stay over in one of our cosy tents.

By observing how your food grows and by picking your ingredients just before you start to cook you will have a bigger understanding of what food is and enjoy it in the most rich manner; fresh! In this way you can reconnect with what what you eat and learn about the special features that all these species have.

It is a place for you to relax, enjoy fresh and healthy food and learn new skills.

Yeah but why?

There is so much to learn and to do in this world and we found that we where too far away from many of the core processes of life. Can we be independent or free if we don’t know how to grow our own food? How do we bake bread, catch and prepare fish, conserve fruit and vegetables and how to raise chicken? This is why we decided to look for a place where we can retrieve the skills that our grandmothers where brought up with, but are quickly forgotten in the 21th century.

We are very lucky to have found the land where we are living on. It used to be a winery and a fruit orchard. Many trees are still alive and the land is rich with chestnuts, figs and several varieties of citrus. Although there has been put a lot of effort in the garden for many years, we will have to catch up with maintenance and pruning and we want to add different species to create a divers ecosystem. Taking care of trees is also new to us and it is a wonderful experience so far. Besides that we find growing stuff is really cool to do, nice to look at and delicious too.

For now

There is a beautiful path we have to follow and many steps we have to make. So this year we will be working on…

  • Retrieving the fruitful state of the orchard
  • Creating a vegetable garden to feed ourselves and friends as much as possible
  • Realizing an official form in which we can share our space

We would like to share our dream and you are always more than welcome in AbbyVille. If you are around, send us a message and we will see you here!

Our Azorean garden life