The lesser known 4R

Terceira has beautiful natural swimming pools along the coast, where the black volcanic rocks provide sheltered salty baths. Biscoitos has the most famous one and is therefore one the best known holiday spot for travellers and locals who often have summer houses in this pleasant town.

If you want to explore more on Terceira, don’t miss out on Quatro Ribeiras:


North Coast-12

This week I was driving along the north coast and was curious about the natural swimming pool of Quatro Ribeiras. In the twilight of a warm day in the fall, the dark volcanic rocks, the blue light and the splashing waves created an surreal surrounding for the short dip in the ocean. Swimming in mid November, hallelujah Azores!

North Coast-13

In the summer you will find a bar, toilets and showers and life guard looking out for your safety. If you have difficulties with descending stairs or need to move around with a baby stroller, Biscoitos might be your better option, there is a set of (good) stairs after the parking lot, to get to the shore.

I am curious how this place looks like in summer!

North Coast-11


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