Adding colour to our life

Living in a 40m2 house with a family of three is not bad. Not to be considered a ‘tiny house’, but über cosy; yes. It must be said that we are no handy(wo)men by nature nor nurture. But we do like to make things a bit nicer. Fix the roof? Replace the front door? Upgrade the kitchen? No, let’s make it cheerful and the rest will follow.


We drove around Terceira to find left over tiles and samples. We thankfully got some batches from friends, but we had to hawk around stores to buy their rests. Still an ecological and economic way to funk up your ballroom. Smash the pile in desirable sizes and glue them like regular tiles. They make a wonderful material to create any shape, as long as you have the patience and don’t mind to look puzzled.

Be warned, grouting is a terrible terrible job, especially when you have tiles that vary a millimetre or two.



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