We have worked on fantastic projects and learned new skills on several places in the world and by doing this we where able to help out good people with a plan. This time we are the people with the plan.

Good to see that you are interested in our project and considering to come and help us. We have always been a big fan of volunteering, exchanging energies and ideas with a closed wallet.

To bring an orchard back to life, to start to grow your own food on rocky soil, to make an old house liveable, to receive people in your gardenstay and to have a job, while being a fresh family is straight forward a lot of work.  So every year from April until the end of September, we invite volunteer(s) to be a part of our family and work with us to improve Abbyville even more.

You can find our ad on Wwoof Portugal or on Workaway.

What kind of help do we need?

  • April-May: Happy multitaskers for the awakening of Abbyville after her wintersleep (we are closed from October till May). Big and small maintenance jobs on the facilities, construction works, chopping down dead trees, plant new veggies and seedlings in our vegetable garden, pruning fruittrees and weeding. 
  • June-August: Enthusiastic helpers for the camping season. You will be a part of the hosting-team and your main tasks will be helping out with cleaning the tents, making the beds, cleaning communal outdoor kitchen, bathroom and compost toilets.
  • April-September: Passionate gardeners for all season works; Maintainance the communal vegetable garden, watering plants, weeding and fruit harvesting. In September we also.

What is the deal?

Work hard, play hard. You are a part of our family, we cook, eat, clean and work together.

Whether we make a campfire, go for a tour on the island or visit friends, you are welcome to join us when you want.

We love to share and spend time together, but we also enjoy our privacy every now and than. But we have learned that is a two-way street and we naturally find our balance between your wishes and those of us.

We ask you to work with us for minimum 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. This is a standard agreement used in the volunteering world. Days and hours are flexible for both you depending on weather and activities that either you or we have planned for the week.

What period of time can we host?

In our opinion a stay of 2-4 weeks is ideal. But we are open for alternative ideas.

For questions regarding our volunteer program send your message to Ebrina van der Bijl.


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