Good to see that you are interested in our project and even concerning helping us. We have always been a massive fan of volunteering, exchanging energies and ideas with a closed wallet. In this way we have worked on fantastic projects and learned new skills and by doing this we where able to help out good people with a plan. This time we are the people with the plan.

To bring an orchard back to life, to start to grow your own food on rocky soil, to make an old house liveable, to receive people in your gardenstay and to have a job, while being a fresh family is straight forward a lot of work.  So this summer, starting from right now, until the end of September, we are looking for volunteer(s) to help us.

You can find our ad on Workaway but for your convenience we have summarised it here:

What kind of help do we need?

We are looking for experienced and/or skilled (wo)man to help us build small constructions such as compost toilets, garden furniture, natural grey water system, basic electricity systems etc.

IMG_5471General help for the vegetable garden and fruit trees. Yes this includes weeding, mowing and an occasional digging or plowing. It would be great if you have experience with sustainable forms of agriculture.

Childcare: Our son Boris (9 months) is a happy little man, who loves to help us in the garden. But we would like him to spend a bit more time in the shade during summers and to have some more quality attention while we are working. Therefore we would like to invite anybody that is experienced in childcare and loves to spend 2 or 3 days per week with our son. Of course, the childcare could be combined with other forms of help.

This summer we are expecting guests to stay in our mini camping. They will stay in tents in our orchard.But before we are ready to receive them, of course there is a million things to do, from gardening, to constructing, from cooking to painting and we can use some help in that too!

What do we offer?

Family dinner in our cosy kitchen
Family dinner in our cosy kitchen

In exchange we will offer you fresh and healthy meals (on the days that you work), a big (4x6m) privately located bungalow-tent (with basic cooking facilities to cook on the days you don’t work) and a great experience on the island.

What period of time can we host ?
In our opinion a stay of 2-4 weeks is ideal. But we are open for alternative ideas.

For questions regarding our volunteer program send your message to Ebrina van der Bijl.


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