Our first vegetable harvest

fresh vegetables from our farm in the azores
First harvest form our organic vegetable garden

Dear friends, it must be said, there are a few things in life as rewarding as your first harvest from your own food garden. Since last year we have started our preparations to convert our rocky soil to a fruitful bedding. We have applied perma culture techniques like the hugel kultur beds we dug and the classical chicken tractor has done an amazing job fertilizing the soil. The growth of our zucchini plants is stunning and the fruits have the size of my underarm!

So far we have had the occasional radish and we have made nastrum salad with beautiful edible flowers, but today we have made our first proper harvest. Proud to pronounce we have sweet pees (OMG the are really sweet when you eat them directly from the plant (raw even!)), French beans, zucchini, turnib and a root cabbage of which I don’t know the name.

In the meanwhile our tomato plants are standing strong and we should think fast of what to seed in the empty spaces before summer kicks in.

organic Hugel kulur bed in terceira azores
Our hugel kultur with mainly pees and French beens, accompanied by nastrum and calendula.




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