Second bathroom shower for camp AbbyVille

Lucky Shower part 1.

This “winter” we started with the construction of the second bathroom, The Lucky Shower. Last year we finished the first bathroom in the old wine shed, complete with authentic bath. The second one will just have a cold water shower to cool you down in the hot summer.

This year we impart some local wisdom to the youngest helper. We hope he will build us a sauna next year.

We use the same sushi wood, the local cryptomeria, for the walls of the bathroom and the shower wall. The wood is sanded and treated with four layers. Let’s hope it stays as pretty as it is. All pipes and drains where already mounted when we completed the first bath.

And because this is our very first plumping project, the drain of the second shower ended up to be a good 20 cm above the floor level. With rocks and wood we gave shape to the shower which we filled up with a two wheelbarrows of cement.

Pretty satisfied with how straight the shower looks in combination with how non-straight the actual walls are, I can’t wait to start with the mosaic tiles for the floor, the wooden shower doors and of course all the finishing touches.

To be continued.


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