The true vagabond

tillandsia air plant

You’re not bound to just stay put,

need no roots and yet feel grounded.

Feed on which the wind brings you.

You are my one true vagabond.

True Vagabond Tillandsia Web-1

We ‘discovered’ the Tillandsia family in Borneo, where we met a great Chinese collector. He created a fairytale world on his porch with thousands of these little beauties. We brought a couple of them and flew them across the world to decorate our Azorean home. Here we found that many relatives of our vagabond decorate balconies and porches.

This odd cousin of the pineapple is one of our favourites. After the bloom, they grow children and grandchildren around them. In this way they shape to become huge bulbs or funky serpents. You can easily adopt one, by breaking it off from its family. We have spread our family by giving them away as souvenirs. I wonder if they have showed their flowers in The Netherlands already. Anybody?

If you ever have the opportunity to get one, just hang her in front of your sunny window and spray every once in a while. All she needs is sun and humidity, so easy to please.


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