How to bake pancakes in the morning sun

Don’t you love to eat pancakes in the morning sun? Well, so do we. Our biggest project for this summer was to get this of our wish list. As always we used local and reclaimed materials and try to keep the expenses in control. As always it took us 2 months longer than expected, we learned so many new cool skills and are we proud and happy with the final result.


We used old telephone poles that were there to support a vine trellis. They will last a life time, but the challenge was they are not aligned. Abby did a great job measuring and drawing a design that can carry a square roof.


If you ever need skilled people to help you with your project, try initiatives like Work away or Wwoof. We were blessed with Sebastian and his carpentry skills to help us with the frame and roof trusses. In between he build us a storage cabinet so our guests can lock and charge their (electronic) belongings .

For the roof we used a simple tarp, to see how this works. Because of that the construction can stay light and still be strong. It has already survived strong winds as crazy as 90 km/h, so we are confident to say the construction works!


The side wall is made from waste material from the sawmill and old windows that came from a school that was torn down. We also made a sink with a grease trap (made from a disposed wine barrel and metal washing bowl we found). In a vessel we filter the water and as the flow of water is slowed down the fat floats and the grey water can go back to the garden.

Now AbbyVille is blessed with a humongous kitchen with 2 stoves and a table for 10 people. It has proved to be a great hang-out for our friends and guests who stay at the camping.  Of course we had to have a fridge to keep our beers and juices nice and fresh.




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