Need to know

There are a few things that are important to know. If you are expecting a polished and smooth camping, glamping style, you might want to look further.

We are no official camping, we don’t run a company. You are welcome as our guest in our garden.

The rocky land has some elevations so precaution must always be used. The fruit orchard and the terraces are build up with stone walls. These constructions are old and build up without the use of cement and mortar. Needless to say they are not made to climb or walk on. Don’t worry, you will be safe walking around, using all paths and stairs.

Since you are enjoying the outdoors, you have to keep in mind that this space is shared with our little friends, like insects and rodents. On the Azores there is nothing to be afraid of, but we have to be careful not to attract ants and mice and take care of our food(scrapes).

We have just moved in here last year and this will be our first summer in Biscoitos. This means many things have to find her place and there will be some hick-ups. Please be honest on your experiences, what you like and lack and help us improve the experience.

Needless to say we will help and advice you where we can and we hope that this island and Biscoitos in particular finds a place in your heart as it has in ours! Most of all, we are looking forward to receive you into our lives

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Our Azorean garden life

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