What can we offer

What we have is what we can give and what you can use is the same what we use. The facilities are all shared and as your host we will do our best to make you feel at home. In return we ask you as our guest to respect our home.

Get clean

The shower facilities are on the main field. At the moment there is one bathroom for 2 guests. Later a shower cabin will be added. The current room is a more spacious room with a bath, very suitable to wash yourself and your kids as well.

Outside you will find basins to for your hands and to brush your teeth or have a cold monkey splash.


Water system

Compost toilet
Compost toilet

It is good to know that we recycle our grey water. In the future every drop we use gets filtered and spread out on the land. In this way we all can give our passion fruits and tomato’s what they need during the dry summer. Recycling grey water comes with a few responsibilities and we kindly but firmly request you to help us to keep the land healthy.

You can do this by bringing biodegradable soap and we will provide home made soaps if you need. Of course you can make or buy your own shampoo, use the soap or skip the hair washing for a day or two.  We all have our responsibility in this.

We also recycle our human waste. This is why you will find compost toilets in our garden. Don’t worry, they don’t smell!

Fruit, Herbs and Veggies

Veggy farm; hugel kultur
Our raised Hügel Kultur beds with the chestnut trees in the background (and Thijs as well)

Imagine to wake up, pick your fresh tea, grab an egg from under your chicken and peel an orange you just picked. Our dream is to create an edible environment, with fruit trees for shelter, tomatoes and cucumber plants to decorate the paths, cabbages in the borders and herbs all around.

This is the first summer of AbbyVille and we have a long way to go. However you will find a good variety of herbs all around for you to use and depending on the time of year you can pick juicy fresh figs, araça’s (strawberry guava), oranges or pears during your stay. When vegetables go as expected we invite you to gather your own salad. We expect a fair use policy from our guests; only take what you need, be careful when interacting with plants and trees and leave enough for the next person. We will be happy to guide you around and assist where necessary.

Fire and coals

Communal fire pit

When we light a fire in the pit on the main field you are always more than invited to join. If you want to build your own you can buy fire wood or bring your own. We also have a few BBQ’s you can use, so inform us if you wish to do so. BBQ’s you can use at your camp site or on the main field.



BBQ gathering around the fire pit
BBQ gathering around the fire pit

Every now and then we like to hide for a day in the kitchen and cook for everyone who wants to join us for a communal dinner. We will always inform a day before, so you can let us know if you want to join. Meals are on donation. Mostly we cook family style, so expect big pans, lot’s of veggies and home made bread.


Pick-up and Drop-offs

If you need to be picked up from the airport, you have to let us know well in advance, so we can fit this in our schedule. This goes the same for drop-off at hikes. There are two hikes (which we highly recommend) that are maximum 15 minutes drive away, so we can take you there. We have very good experiences hitch hiking back ;-).

Sometimes we take people with us to Angra do Heroísmo (the main town) if we need to go there, but again, our car is small, so join the puzzle.


Our Azorean garden life

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