What can we offer

What we have is what we can give and what you can use is the same what we use.

The facilities are all shared and as your host we will do our best to make you feel at home. In return we ask you as our guest to respect our home.

Get clean


In the shed that was used for the last decades as a storage for wine barrels, we build 2 bathrooms. One for pirates, the other for princesses.

The ‘pirate shower’ has cold water only, on hot summer days a perfect refreshing rinse off. A more luxury option is the ‘princess bathroom’, that provides more space for family showers, has warm water and a bath tub. In the bathroom shed you can store your toiletries, towels and other personal items on the wooden closet, on shelves or in your private locker. The shower facilities are on the communal field.

In the camp kitchen we have installed for you two basins for hand washing and teeth brushing activities or just to have a cold monkey splash.

Why Waste Water?

Every drop we use goes back to the soil beneath our feet.

It is good to know that we recycle our grey water.

Compost toilet
Compost toilet

This spring we intend to realize a natural water filter so that all grey water (shower, kitchen, sink and our house) will be filtered and spread out on the land with more control on the quality and location.

In this way we all can give our passion fruits and tomato’s what they need during the dry summer. Recycling grey water comes with a few responsibilities and we kindly but firmly request you to help us to keep the land healthy.

You can do this by bringing biodegradable soap. If you choose to use your regular shampoo and/or soap, we ask you kindly to keep in mind the effect of it on (y)our food.

We also recycle our human waste. This is why you will find dry compost toilets in our garden. Don’t worry, they don’t smell!

Natural Food Court

Our dream is to create an edible environment, with fruit trees for shelter, tomatoes and cucumber plants to decorate the paths, cabbages in the borders and herbs all around.

Imagine to wake up, pick your fresh tea leaves, grab an egg from our chicken house (who wakes up first has the best luck, if you can beat our son Boris :)) and peel an orange you just picked.

We landed on the place that we called AbbyVille in 2015 and we are always working to improve and nourish the 5000 square meters that we happily have under our responsibilities. At the moment a good variety of herbs, flowers and vegetables are ready for you to pick and depending on the time of year you can pick juicy fresh figs, araça’s (strawberry guava), oranges or pears during your stay. We invite you to gather your own meal in our natural ‘food court’.

We expect a fair use policy from our guests; only take what you need, be aware while interacting with plants and trees and leave enough for others. We will be happy to guide you around and assist where necessary.

Come on baby light the fire

Often we will light a fire in the pit on the communal area you are always more than welcome to join. If you want to build your own campfire or BBQ, please ask us which wood to use or bring your own coals. Grills are available in the camp kitchen.

Camp kitchen

In 2017 we build the camp kitchen. We are very proud, as our first big construction project has survived storms with more than 120 km/h! The kitchen is covered to protect us from sun, rain and wind (yes, all tested with positive results), but still half open for you to enjoy a view on the green fields while cooking or relaxing at the spacious table that fits more than 12 people.

We provided all you need for cooking, including: a fridge/freezer, large dishwashing sink, gas stoves for 3 couples, pots, pans, plates, cutleries, cooking books, spices and oil. All you need to bring is your own groceries (supermarket is in 5 minutes walking distance).  

There are recycle bins for us to leave to a smaller ecological footprint on our planet.


Our Azorean garden life

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