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The land of Abbyville is situated in an old traditional Azorean wine area, with characteristic stone walls that mark the small plots. Years ago most of the vines have been replaced by fruit trees and you will find chestnut, fig, different types of citrus fruit, plum, pear and apple.

Everything grows in a small scale and you won’t find  a straight line on this farm.

Here and there you still see a lost grape vine that reminds us of the past and on the spaces that aren’t used we have started to grow passion fruit, guava, banana and melon pear.

De vrienden tent web-1Between all these sweets of nature you will find simply equipped bungalow style tents.

Our spacious cotton shelters are located in a manner that they have shade in the morning and at the end of the day, a welcome luxury in the hot summer months.

The tents are provided with bedding, blankets, pillows, towels and a real mattress. On the communal area you will find a spacious outdoor camp-kitchen with gas stoves, pots, pans, cutlery, cups, plated and all other utilities you need to cook yourself and your loved ones a good meal.

The tent has a set of chairs to rest your bones and some tents have a private fire pit to complete the romance. Read more about what we have to offer for your unique Azorean experience.

Recharge, Refresh, Renew

With an exception of the camp kitchen and bathrooms, there is no electricity in Abbyville. We like to use the power of the sun as much as possible to illuminate the garden and tents. We have supplied all tents with rechargeable lanterns that can be used as in your tent or as a torch. In the compost toilets and along side the paths, solar lamps will guide you well too.

You will find a communal plug to charge your phone and camera batteries in the bathroom/camp-kitchen.

Swing by!

Abbyville is not an ordinary camping, so if you are looking for a special accommodation for your holiday in Terceira, the next step is to click here. We love to hear from you!

Please read our need to know if you consider to swing by this summer.

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Our Azorean garden life

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